Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do Americans Want Rush Limbaugh off the Air?

Do Americans Really Want Rush Limbaugh Forced Off the Air Because He is Partisan?

Rush Limbaugh


A Movement of Angry Democrats are now Trying to Get Rush Limbaugh Off the Air Because He is "Partisan and Demeaning to Our President".

 I never thought I would see the day when so many Americans would aggressively throw away their freedom of speech. 


It seems blatantly obvious that if Rush Limbaugh can be silenced for offending people who love Obama, then maybe all the people on CNBC,CNN, MSNBC,NBC, ect. can also be silenced for offending people who are not offended by George Bush.

If Limbaugh were to be silenced, the next step is to silence the left for all the unfair things that they have spread about Romney, Palin, Santorum, and the Republican party in general. This would absolutely devastate the Democratic party because we all know that the majority of negative propaganda comes from the liberal media. The only partisan entertainment the conservatives have is talk radio and Fox News, although Fox employs an equal amount of democrats.

 If we are being one sided about who is to be silenced, then we are no doubt veering away from freedom of speech and the right to think independently.
Doing away with all things partisan would in fact give the Republican party, which this whole attack is out to destroy,  more power because they would not be losing as much of their steam that is always bound to be lost on the democrats side, due to more than 90% of propaganda coming from the democratic party in effort to paint a negative view of Republicans.

The liberal media has said that Limbaugh is abusive and demeaning to our president and therefore should be taken off the air.

 Amazing! MSNBC and the mainstream media are saying offensive and often untrue things about Republican candidates by the minute. A number of activists have now come forward with tapes and inside information from MSNBC that prove Mitt Romney's speeches were altered when played on the air, in an effort to sway the public into believing Romney is mean spirited, stupid and out of touch. Also, and when George Bush was president somehow saying  demeaning things was perfectly okay.
It has to be a two way street. 

It does not matter who's side you are on, but there needs to be at least two sides. Bill Mahar's idea of doing away all parties other than the democratic party is not very "democratic" when you really think about it. It backs up the embarrassing scene that the democrats faced at the DNC convention of 2012, when Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, took a "democratic poll" to "vote" on whether or not to put God back in their platform. When the crowd unanimously said "NO" Villaraigosa smiled and said, "lets do that again", and when the "NO" was shouted out again, Villaraigosa took the poll a third time, and finally just read the teleprompter that told him to say that God is back in their platform by "unanimous" decision. The party was truly exposed that night.

Is it okay to say negative things about the president or not? It can't be okay only if it's a Republican, if you really want to be democratic about it.

I think we need to learn to accept that we do not all think the same way.
 President Obama has done things that have affected people in a very negative way. Those people are never going to love him and they will say negative things based on their experience, and its perfectly healthy for they to be able to listen to someone, such as Limbaugh, who helps them vent their feelings, and represents what they personally are experiencing.

Silencing, or censoring those who do not think a certain way is the road to doom without question.
Just as people who hate Republicans watch Rachel Maddow,  Republicans should also have a place to go. That is One of the traits that Americans appreciate.
 It would be unbearable to say the least, to live in a country that says you must like whatever the president does no matter what that may be! Our freedom is to have an opinion and vent it based on what we see, and how it affects our business ventures.
Communist countries will have their citizens suffer in silence. I have personally experienced communism and It scares me to see Americans thinking like this. Sadly, it is a fact that many Americans just do not appreciate their precious freedom since they are now fighting and petitioning to eliminate it.

Oh yes, they don't want to eliminate their own freedom, just those people who think differently than they do. Isn't that historically how societies have always fallen?


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