Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Democrats Hate the Rich

The trend over the past four years has most distinctly been one of hatred and resentment toward the rich. This is not exactly a 100 percent "new attitude" for Americans but rather an escalated and unreasonable emotional burst that has been fueled by the democratic party ever since Mitt Romney began his campaign for the presidency.

Barack Obama is the richest president the United States has ever seen, and his money played a big issue in his being elected by the Democratic party. At the time that Obama was running against John McCain the democrats were praising wealth as a fine attribute and prima facie evidence of a man's intelligence. I recall seeing the liberal "news casters" on MSNBC stating that John McCain was a "loser" because he could not afford to campaign as aggressively as Obama could. Sure enough, the repetitive small talk by the liberal media led the general public into falling in love with extreme wealth. The headlines boasted of Obama's millions, and how savvy he was to have attained so much wealth that no Republican candidate could afford to campaign against him.

When suddenly Mitt Romney was making his way through the primaries the liberal media began doing its dirty work to arouse resentment in the minds of Americans. Romney, unlike Obama, attained his wealth through working in the private sector. It became evident that any entrepreneur, small business owner, or person in search of the American dream would find Romney a lot more appealing than Obama who made a fortune as a career politician, and seemed to have bought his way into the presidency. The media went to work trying to make Mitt Romney seem bad because he was rich. All the photos of the down to earth Romney's were hidden, while the very well dressed and groomed ones were blasted across every news stand. Even during one of the debates, Obama made his attempt to sway Americans into seeing him as the guy who has no money and Romney as the big money guy, by stating that he did not have as much in his 401K as Mitt does. That statement should have outraged Americans because Obama is an extremely rich man crying that Romney has more than he. At any rate, Obama's wealth was seriously down played during his second run, so that no one would associate Obama with "evil wealth."

The problem with hating the rich, besides it not being a productive attitude, is that everyone wants to achieve wealth. That is a fact of life for everyone. To hate the thing that we desperately want to become creates a psychotic, and self defeating mentality.

Some of the most gruesome slayings, and the most shameful acts in our culture have come from the jealousy and hate of "little people" wishing to even the score, or make their little lives better by tearing down those who either achieved success or were simply born lucky.

The murders of the Tsar of Russia in 1917, and the La Biana / Sharon Tate murders of 1968, had such motive in common.

The Russian "little people" were uprising during the teens, and the sight of the extremely wealthy Tsar and his family was enough to arouse violence and hatred to the same level that many liberal minded Americans felt towards Mitt Romney in 2012.  What ever one's political views, the murder of Nicholas II and his beautiful family is inexcusable. 

The Tsar and his family five years before they were murdered

Nicholas II (the Tsar) and his family were executed at point blank range by revolutionaries. Their goal was to eliminate all royal blood. The belief of the little people in Russia during that time was that if the royals are gone, then the wealth would be spread around and all the poor people would be better off. Of course, Russia became communist and as miserable a place to live as ever existed. The average people did not enjoy any wealth left over from the Tsar, but instead, lived in an equally non opportunistic country in which no one had any real chance to get ahead. The slayings of the wealthy royals did not solve the problems of the poor any more than taxing rich people will allow poor people to prosper today.

Sharon Tate, hours before her murder

Few people remember that Charles Manson hated the rich and specifically targeted the wealthy neighborhoods of La Biana and Sharon Tate to commit murders. Guaranteed, the news "forgets" to include this piece of information these days lest it turn people off of hating rich people and wanting to hurt them in effort to make the world a better place the way the Manson family did. 

With Sharon Tate's blood the word "Pig" was written on the walls of the beautiful estate. How many times did we hear the exact same message being pinned on the Romney family during Obama's second run for office? 

The angry mob mentality that the Democrats are fueling is not a healthy one. The general attitude these days is that average people are quite brainwashed by the liberal media and are eagerly awaiting what to become outraged about in regards to politics. There are too many news stations that are liberal biased, and only one, FOX News, that is not. In effort to find some balance and truly become independent minded, everyone should watch a little of Fox News just to keep some balance, and see what the other side is all about. 

While working in an office that was largely liberal I discovered that everyone was up on the liberal point of view, and as MSNBC and CNN cleverly dissuaded people from opening up their minds to a point of view outside of the one they are pushing, everyone was convinced that Fox was biased, false, and "crazy right winged." When pressed as to what made them think that, I finally figured out that most of those who were touting this had never seen Fox News, and others only saw a few sound bites that John Stewart had picked out in effort to make it appear that the "other side" are all crazy and inaccurate. 

The only way to know is to clear out the cob webs and watch with an open mind. 

Fox essentially has hard news in the morning and then shows some market watch before going into the shows that most liberals hear about. O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Geraldo. 

O'Reilly, contrary to what liberals teach, is an independent. I have seen him support Obama on issues and even global warming, but the liberal media likes to paint everyone on Fox as a conservative. That way people will think its all unfair and unbalanced. Hannity is conservative, and Geraldo is a liberal. If one really wants to see a variety of view points Fox is the only place to see exactly what is out there. 

I am not saying that other stations are not worth watching, but if one does watch MSNBC and truly wants to be informed rather than partisan,  it would be best to watch just as much Fox to balance it out. If you do, you will find yourself not jumping on the "hate the rich" band wagon with everyone else and actually may come up with some clever ways to become a rich person. Now that would be a lot more productive!

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