Saturday, December 15, 2012

Connecticut Shooting and Obama's Speech

Just hours after a gunman forced his way into an elementary school in Connecticut elementary school killing 20 children and six adults before turning the gun on himself President Obama spoke before the press.

Obama wiped the outside of his eyes.

For those who were not fond of Obama in the past, you have reason to actually despise him now. For those who honestly liked him before, there is reason to regret re-electing this politician after he put on a rather decent, but nevertheless phoney, performance.  Considering acting is not his main profession, he managed to look realistic enough to his die hard supporters.

As an actress who is also very emotional and have cried while trying to give a speech, I knew instantly that his performance was all phoney emotion. I watched and wondered why he felt that he had to pretend that he was so emotional about the shooting. The American people were not going to hate him if he does not cry. He could have just given his speech with a serious expression and called it good, but he made his voice crack and wiped invisible tears from the outside of his eyes. Tears form and begin spilling out of the inner corner of eyes. If you are not a crier, ask any girl who becomes emotional at weddings, funerals, and political speeches. We lightly dab the inner corner of our eyes to stop our mascara and eyeliner from melting away. Inner corner- NEVER outer corner!

Also, the way he cracked his voice was not in line with reality either. Did anyone think for a moment that he would break down and actually cry? No, because that would not have looked good, or presidential.  Every time I have started cracking my voice in emotion- in leads to the dam breaking. That is what happens when real emotions are tugging at your heart. We actually cry, and real tears, the wet kind, roll down our cheeks.

Obama did everything on cue. Just a little voice quiver, and patting the outside of the eyes so as not to look to messy. The voice cracking did not interrupt his speech, it just added the hint of emotion that he wanted the speech to deliver. Then came the reason for his fake emotions.

He said that we need to do something about gun control!

Yes, the liberal agenda has long been to disarm America. This is an issue that many disagree with, due to the fact that guns protect the innocent, while the criminals always find a way to kill.

Obama could not just go on television and say this is a tragedy, and we are going to disarm America. That would lead to so many people saying that he is politicizing this tragedy. So, he pretended it was coming from heart felt emotion. Has there ever been a more manipulative president? 

Guess what? It worked... Liberals all across the country began tweeting and facebooking that we need to ban guns. Kool Aid anyone!

Do they think that this shooter would have stayed home and played the harp all day if guns were banned?

If he could not have gotten his hands on a gun, he would have made a bomb. That is what people who are determined to commit a crime do.

The root of our problem is something that no one wants to address. Guns have always been available and we did not have violence like this in the past. So what has changed? In the 1950s, guns were easier to get than they are today, but this kind of thing was not happening on a regular basis like it is these days.

People have changed.  Why have they changed? If we truly want to "fix" what is wrong with America, we need to take a real look at what has happened to people and have an open mind about how to change it.

Spoons don't make you fat, the person holding the spoon and loading it with ice cream is the culprit. To solve that issue, we have to ask the person why they are loading up the spoon.

My personal opinion is not a welcome one. Violence and sex is readily available, and Christianity, or church going and God believing is out of fashion.

The reason these things that I have pointed out are not popular as an issue is because my observation that violence is all over television, and in the movies suggests that we need to censor things, and change the way we do things. For some reason, people see putting a lot of sex and violence in just about every movie is "freedom".  The same people don't value their "freedom" so much when it comes to being laden with heavy taxes that put small businesses out of business. They guard their "right" to have sex and violence attached to their viewing pleasure even to the death of innocent children. But the movie makers have a loud voice on talk shows and other media to tell the pubic that they should be able to put whatever they want in their films, and the people have a right to see it uncensored. Viewers hear this and support the "freedom" of film makers to put what they want on film, and our youngsters will take it in. I don't know about you, but in my job there are rules. There are rules for everything except movie makers because they have a team of "little people" (us) rallying for they to have no rules.

The argument here is that so many people watch R rated movies and they don't go out and hurt people, but the other side of this is, its not just one movie. We are bombarded by violence in video games, movies and our reading, constantly.  Even television shows have degenerated into humiliating people as a way of entertainment. I have noticed that my generation as opposed to my children's generation was less violent in general. When kids get together for spring break, we always hear and see footage of masses of crowd violence, where it used to be kids having fun in the sun. The roots of violence are deep and it has to do with the way we live and develop our lives.

Before I talk about religion, I know that liberal minded people are going to say, "Oh, here we go, a Chrisian right wing nut."  Let me say this. I am not a Christian, and I was raised agnostic.

I respect Christians and have noticed that those who were raised either Mormon,Catholic or Christian, raise less troubled children in general. And the more attached to the church they are, the less violent and the less corrupt their families are about everything in general. That faith, whether you have it in yourself or not, does wonders for people as far as leading a clean life, and being a good neighbor.

I ultimately blame Hollywood for our problems because it does all it can through movies, celebrities, and reality television, to glorify violence and lack of integrity. There are more and more movies being made that show women and men fighting against each other. Currently there are more young boys hitting girls in school. It used to be that men, even boys, knew that girls were not an "equal" fight. Before feminists get riled up, I am not saying girls are not as good as boys, and I am not saying that they are not as smart. I am stating a fact!

Men have more muscle mass and are a lot stronger and more powerful than women. A boy or man hitting a girl or woman can be devastating. Glorifying women as warriors who are able to beat several men at the same time, is simply fantasy, and impossible, and if men were not fed this nonsense that women are an equal fight for them physically through video games, movies and game shows for years and years, day after day, they might understand that swinging at a woman is not the same thing as swinging at a man.

Whenever a religious person is portrayed in a Hollywood movie or TV show, they are portrayed as crazy, and trying to do something evil, or take someones money. The reality is nothing like that. Sure there are people using religion to steal from other people, but the mass majority of believers are not doing anything bad and are in fact, donating to charities, and providing a cheerful and respectable outlook for their families and friends.

The only way we can live in a less violent world is to address the real issue. To blame the gun is to run away from the truth.

Monique Vargas


  1. all of the rest of you who are posting ignorant derogatory comments about what POTUS Obama has said over the course of the last 3 days, You are ALL HATEFUL DESPICABLE CREATURES.
    20 Children Under the age of 7..........BABIES............. were slaughtered because of some sick son of a b and all you can do is TRY IN VAIN, TO BLAME IT ON OBAMA and claim that he is trying to turn this in to something POLITICAL. Your comments reactions and thoughts are those of heartless soulless individuals who only live to stir the fires of hate ignorance and vileness. You show with your comments that the ONLY THING IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU CARE ABOUT IS BEING HATEFUL DISRESPECTFUL AND JUST IN GENERAL a bunch of lame ignorant losers.

    No, Obama isn't a POS. There is NO evidence he IS.
    You're just a sad hateful hypocritical racist scumbag!

    What a hateful racist scumbag you are! Come on! You may not like Obama but to assume he's faking his tears. Get a grip! he was very authentic and you're just another sick Cancervative and the reason Obama got re-elected. We don't want America run by a cesspool of hateful monsters like you! You people are disgusting. You can't even acknowledge that the death of innocent children can move the President.

    He's speaking about what needs to be spoken about. He's not saying "now it's not the time," and he's not politicizing anything.

    1. I think that calling people "bastards" and "racist" when you don't even know who they are is pretty scummy myself. Obama is politicizing a tragedy in case you haven't noticed. I personally find that disgusting and distasteful. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that he has politicized this and is trying to get the people who lost their children to ban together against guns.
      I call that taking advantage of a tragedy.

      I don't see any evidence of my being a racist other than you can't stand to see someone of color being looked at critically. That itself racism.

      Being that I am half black, I can't say that I have ever had a racist thought. Not the way you seem to think anyway.

      I have watched Obama for years now. Even Through the deaths of four innocent Americans in Libya and I saw no emotion from him. Now that he is after something the invisible tears are being wiped away.

      I am quite sure by what you have said that if Mitt Romney were doing this you would be fine with this particular post.

      We need to be open minded and independent in order to be free. I may disagree with the president and I may be tired of the whole left wing attacks on conservatives, but I do not go around and throw names like "bastard" and "racist" mindlessly as you have. If an issue cannot be discussed intelligently, there is certainly no sense in acting like a a lunatic and screaming, "scumbag, racist, ect.
      There is no sense to your post. Not one thing you have said can be backed up. Its just senseless partisanship. That won't get this country anywhere.

  2. If anyone wants to see real hypocrisy just click on the link our liberal friend newquestionman left with his comment.

    He sits on his high horse and says its hateful to say negative things basically when he is viciously blasting Mitt Romney and George Bush and anyone who is not a liberal or of Latino or African decent on his Wordpress blog.

    As usual. The true hateful and racist blogger here is the one who thinks that open minded criticism can only be applied to white people, and or conservatives.

    Here at Independent Politics Post we expose partisanship for what it is. Mindless team playing that results in keeping this country and all its people down.