Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fox News Reports the Facts on Michigan Union Violence

Union thug hits reporter for no reason
Congratulations to Fox News for being the only news channel that reported the facts about the Michigan union violence.

Innocent people were bullied, attacked and intimidated by an angry liberal union mob, and MSNBC and CNN refused to report it. Instead, they filmed only the most peaceful looking people in the mob standing in groups as opposed to the fist throwing, body slamming thugs.

This is further evidence that the main stream media is biased, shill laden and conniving. 

When the Tea Party movement was going strong, CNN refused to film the black people who were part of the Tea Party in effort to portray the group as a bunch of white racists. They used a close up lens to film the most European looking speakers so that the black people who stood directly behind would be undetectable. The lies by these two "news" stations was successful because anyone who has never been to a Tea Party thinks it is a racist group. 

I read an article several months ago what was written by a black man and his experience with a Tea Party. His light skinned friend was attending and he began scolding him for joining what he believed to be a racist group. The friend informed him that it had nothing to do with racism and that race stuff was a bunch of BS from the media. Finally, the black man agreed to go with him to the Tea Party, and although he felt scared at first, due to the bombardment of lies he had taken in from the media, he soon realized that he was in a very diverse group of intelligent minded people who had things in common such as the desire to live the American dream, and that is basically it. The black writer said that he had such a great time and never in his life had he felt so welcome and that race was a non issue. There is nothing like having an open mind and experiencing truth. I congratulate the black writer for having the honesty and courage to admit that the main stream media has been spoon feeding the American public a bunch of lies in effort to generate fear.

We independent thinkers must look at this current issue and sharply question why the main stream media has not mentioned that the union mob had put innocent people in the hospital with their violent physical attacks.

Fox News has so far been the only honest news station that has reported the violence and invited guests from both sides of the argument to talk about what is going on. One democrat defended the violence by stating that the crowd was "scared".  A frighteningly lame excuse for violence. Many non union workers are scared too but no one seems to care about that side of the fence. Also, no intense violence is coming from the non union crowd. Imagine what the news would be saying if a Tea Party had erupted into this!  Imagine if a conservative Tea partier had beaten a liberal news reporter.  This news reporting would be a different issue. This is NOT acceptable in America. I don't care if you are a union worker, a liberal or conservative. There is NO excuse for allowing this violence, and for the media covering up the facts that Americans have the right to see, without any spin!

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